Hello friends, today our article is on a very important topic, whose name is Hamesha Khush Kaise Rahe, how to be happy always, yes friends, in today’s stressful life, people have forgotten to be happy, just want to earn more money. I am not able to enjoy even my small pleasures, I am not saying this to everyone, but as most people have forgotten to be happy, then in today’s article you read how Hamesha Khush Kaise Rahe is always happy:-

1. Positive Thoughts / Positive Thinking: By positive thoughts, I mean that you should always keep such thoughts and thoughts in your mind which will increase your self-confidence and this is possible only with positive thoughts because it is proved by big wise that if If you think positive then you get confidence in doing all your work and your work gets completed successfully. So if your work will be completed successfully then you will always be happy and the reason for your happiness will be your positive thoughts. Read Full Post on Nexus Aquafresh RO system

2. Music / Music: Hamesha Khush Kaise Rahe Answer (Music) Music is the primary way to be happy, friends, many people do not know that listening to music removes all the tension going on in your brain and listens to music. Time you forget all your sorrow and pain which gives you happiness.

But music cannot be listened to all the time to be happy, so when you are more sad you can be happy by listening to music and it is scientifically proven that listening to music makes your mind completely refreshed. So listen to music in free time and be happy. Aquafresh RO Article

como ser feliz siempre

In Spanish

Hola amigos, hoy nuestro artículo trata sobre un tema muy importante, cuyo nombre es Hamesha Khush Kaise Rahe, cómo ser feliz siempre, sí amigos, en la estresante vida de hoy, la gente se ha olvidado de ser feliz, solo quiere ganar más dinero. no puedo disfrutar ni siquiera de mi pequeña felicidad, no les estoy diciendo esto a todos, pero la mayoría de la gente se ha olvidado de ser feliz, así que en el artículo de hoy, leíste cómo Hamesha Khush Kaise Rahe siempre está feliz: –

Hamesha Khush Kaise Rahe? Hay cinco formas de hacerlo:

1. Pensamientos positivos / Pensamiento positivo: por pensamientos positivos, me refiero a que siempre debes tener esos pensamientos y pensamientos en tu mente que aumentarán tu confianza en ti mismo y esto es posible solo con pensamientos positivos porque está probado por grandes sabios que si Si piensa en positivo, obtendrá confianza para hacer todo su trabajo y su trabajo se completará con éxito. Entonces, si su trabajo se completará con éxito, siempre estará feliz y la razón de su felicidad serán sus pensamientos positivos.

2. Música / Música: Hamesha Khush Kaise Rahe Respuesta (Música) La música es la forma principal de ser felices, amigos, mucha gente no sabe que escuchar música elimina toda la tensión que ocurre en su cerebro y escucha música. olvídate de toda tu pena y dolor que te da felicidad.

Pero la música no se puede escuchar todo el tiempo para ser feliz, así que cuando estás más triste puedes ser feliz escuchando música y está científicamente comprobado que escuchar música refresca tu mente por completo. Así que escucha música en el tiempo libre y ser feliz.

A Facebook page is a public profile that you create in your name or on the name of your business and through which people get information about you or your brand and your brand awareness increases, which gives you a lot of benefits in business.

Types Of Facebook Page:-  There are two types of Facebook Pages 1. Business Page and 2. Personal Facebook Page.

If you create a business Facebook page, then you may face many problems such as not getting instant approval by Facebook, product-related limitations, etc. But if you are creating a personal Facebook page, then you will not have to face any kind of problem and you can also create a personal page with the name of your own business. This will also give your Businesses as much benefit as creating a Business page on Facebook.

So You Can Create a Facebook Page in 2021 Following Some Easy Steps:-

Step 1. Login to your Facebook Profile account, from which you want to create your Facebook page.

Step 2. After logging into your Facebook profile account, a plus icon has been created on the top right side of your hand, click on that plus icon.

Step 3. After clicking on the plus icon, you will see the option of a page on the fourth number below, click on it.

Step 4. When you click on the plus icon, you will see some such difference face.

Step 5. From here you can create your Facebook page.

Step 6. Now you will give complete information about your page, first-page name

Step 7. Page category after that.

Step 8. End page short description.

Step 9. After filling this sari information, click on the create button below and your Facebook page will be ready.

Step 10. After your Facebook page is created, you will now have to add a cover image to your Facebook page. To add a cover image, you have to click on the option of add cover image on the second number in the left side of your page and then you can add your cover image.

Step 11. Now go to the about section of your Facebook page and fill in all the information like your email address, your phone number, your website URL, etc everything

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Do not make these mistakes while creating a Facebook page

1. Don’t Select Rubbish Title or Page Name.

2. Don’t Select Unrelevent Category of Your Facebook Page.

3. Do Not add Fake Information This may harm your Facebook page.

Why should you create a Facebook page?

1. By creating a Facebook page, your or your businesses’ identity reaches people.

2. This makes your business grow very fast.

3. It also improves your website ranking.

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Make money from your Facebook page

1. To earn money from the Facebook page, you must have 10,000 likes on your Facebook front.

2. After which you can get your Facebook page approved in Google AdSense and then earn money.

3. Facebook has released Guidelines for Google Adsense on the Facebook page, you can get more information from it.

4. Click This Link to approve Google AdSense on You’re Facebook Page  “https://www.facebook.com/business/help/1884527914934148?id=1200580480150259”

Note:- In today’s digital world, it has become very easy to increase your business and you can access your business online by creating a page. This Facebook service is absolutely free and you can use it very well to grow your business.

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Customers are attracted to online business portals. The most important factor that you cannot overlook is SEO. Magento SEO is an absolute must. Customers can easily drive in thanks to SEO. To get your online store to the top of the search engine results, you need to use the best SEO features available on an eCommerce platform.

Magento offers users a variety of Magento SEO service options by default, making it simple to build an SEO-friendly website. You can easily build sitemaps and URLs that are SEO-friendly. There are several eCommerce SEO packages to choose from. The best Magento SEO services are available.

Magento is dubbed a “SEO Powerhouse” by others.

Magento is one of the best e-commerce sites because it has a lot of great features, is very versatile, and has a lot of protection. Varien, a private corporation based in the United States, created it.

For those on a tight budget, the fact that it is a free, open-source platform is extremely beneficial. It’s a more scalable eCommerce platform that gives users the control they need over appearance, content, and features.

Magento is a popular e-commerce site because of its SEO-friendly features. It is more common because it is jam-packed with SEO-friendly features like image optimization and URL rewriting. Magento is also used by some of the world’s most well-known brands.

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I’ve compiled a list of some of them for you:

Coca-Cola, Nike, Ford, Olympus, and Fox link with Vizio Rebecca Minkoff

Magento offers a number of SEO extensions, both free and charged. The following are some Magento extensions:

1.Creare offers a free Magento SEO extension.

The best feature of Care’s Free Magento SEO Extension is that all of the features are automatically activated after installation and do not require any additional setup. The following features are turned on by default:

All of the others include the HTML Sitemap Page, Breadcrumb Structured Data SEO Options Checker, XML Sitemap Fix, and others.

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2.SEO Toolkit

It’s a hybrid of both Web Ranking and Dynamic Submission tools, with a wide variety of additional features. It’s a free Magento extension with an easy-to-use dashboard that allows you to keep an eagle’s eye on anything.

3. SEO Space Magento Extension (Ultimate)

It is the most strong Magento extension currently available. It includes Facebook Open Graph Support, an XML Sitemap, and an HTML Sitemap, among other things. It also recommends making changes to your robots.txt file.

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4.SEO Suite Premium

It’s an all-in-one Magento extension with a slew of useful features. It includes everything you’ll need for a successful on-page SEO strategy. SEO tools, templates, enhanced layered navigation, SEO reports, HTML and XML sitemaps, and all other features are included in this extension.

5.SEO Rich Snippets (SEO Rich Snippets)

This can be purchased for $65. on the Magento marketplace. It has the ability to provide ranking, pricing, and other features. It has features that help boost website traffic while also lowering bounce rates.

There are several more extensions like this available on Magento migration services that are extremely useful for Magento SEO Consultants. On your eCommerce shop, you can check out the Magento extensions; they will assist you in the SEO game. Make the most of the Magento extensions that are available to us.

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We’ve compiled a list of the best SEO tips to help you compete with your toughest rivals and improve your ranking.

Use the right keywords.

You should have a good understanding of the common keywords that will drive traffic to your website. The keywords should appear in both the title and the summary. You’ll get a more SEO-friendly site if you use the right keywords.

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Using duplicate material is not a good idea.

Avoiding duplicate material is the easiest and most valuable tip. It lowers the chances of succeeding in a competitive environment. SEO, like anything else, needs some individuality. As a result, make an extra effort to produce new content on a regular basis.


Every time a new version of Magento is released, it is updated with all of the latest features. Every time a new update is released, it upgrades the security and improves the functions. The latest update includes the best SEO support for achieving a Google ranking. Even Magento recommends that users keep up to date with the latest versions.


Often strive to reduce the time it takes for your site to load. The consumer would immediately open a new site due to a long loading period. Enable compressions, reduce indirect, remove render-blocking javascript, and optimise the content to speed up the web.

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  • More than 50 payment gateways are available.
  • Have a large number of free and paid extensions
  • Various discounts are available.
  • It has a simple and fast installation process.
  • It is extremely adaptable and provides modular e-commerce solutions.

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Today Pan Card has become very important, today Pan Card is given as much importance as Adhaar Card. If you have a bank account, then Pan Card is compulsory, if you want to take a debit card, yet a Pan Card is required, then PAN card has become very important today. You can Apply PAN card online from home by paying only Rs 107. Get ready Apply Pan Card Online

Some main documents to Apply Pan Card Online: –

1. 2 passport size photos.

2. Signature photo

3. Aadhaar Card.

You can Apply Pan Card Online at Home by following few Steps: –

Step1. Just go to Google and write the NSDL PAN card.

Phase2. And click on the first link on the result (https://www.onlineservices.nsdl.com/paam/endUserRegisterContes.html)

Step3. After clicking on the link for NSDL, you will see some such interface.

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Step 4. Choose the application type (choose from new PAN card Indian Citizen 49A) and category Personal.

Step 5. And fill the form of whatever you are asked, such as your name, email ID, mobile number and fill captcha and submit.

Step 6. Click Save token number and continue with PAN application form.

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Step 7. And next question on your screen (How do you want to submit your PAN application documents, click on the second option because in this second option, your signature will also be printed. And if you select the first option then your signature Will not be printed. On your PAN card.

Step 8. If you physically want a PAN card, choose the first option.

Step 9. Scroll down and select Yes Charge

Step 10. Scroll down and enter the last four digits of your Aadhaar number and select Yes option to print your photo on the PAN card.

Step 11. and fill in the mandatory details and proceed. And fill the contact and other details form carefully.

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Step 12. Click on Next and fill in the AO Details CareFully and click on Next. Step 13 This is the last step “Document Description”

Step 14. Its simple fill mandatory fields and submit your PAN form.

Step 15 After submitting the form, you will get such an interface, first enter 6 numbers. And verify your details carefully.

Step 16. If you wish, you can also edit your PAN form from here, if all things are correct, click on Process.

After clicking the Proceed button, it will take you to the payment dashboard, where you can pay your PAN card form filling fees in various ways. After paying the PAN card, you get a temporary PAN card and after some time the PAN card is delivered to your registered address through Speed ​​Post. So by following these 15 steps, you can make your PAN card sitting at home on your own.

Precautions while Apply Pan Card Online

• If you are applying for the PAN card of any person, then his verification paper should not be valid, otherwise, your PAN card will be rejected.

• If you are applying for PAN card of a person below 18 years of age, then his photo will not appear in his PAN card.

• Check all the information thoroughly and only then submit the form.

Conclusion: Hope you have enjoyed reading this blog post How to Apply Pan Card Online and I hope that you will share this post in your social media handles and groups.

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Using a measuring scale is proven to be helpful in many situations. When you’re looking to raise or lose weight, these devices will help you keep track of your weight. Having a track of your weight is a healthy habit to have. The best measuring machines will even keep track of the BMI, body fat ratio, bone weight, and other metrics. When determining the best Weight scale in Pakistan, you should consider the type, power, and price.

What to look for on a Weight scale


Scales are classified into two types: analog and digital. Analog scales have an inside spring that softens as the measurement is weighted. It displays the reading on a dial. Analog scales are usually the least expensive choice. They do not need batteries and rely on the human eye to provide an accurate reading.

Digital scales are normally battery-powered and show numbered results on a digital display screen. They provide Smart and multi-user data storage features, as well as additional dimensions.

Body Composition Measurements

Body Composition metrics monitor the fat mass-to-lean tissue ratio. Modern scales look deeper into a person’s fitness profile, including a variety of metrics such as body fat ratio, bone density, Body Mass Index, muscle composition, water intake, and more.

Wi-Fi or Bluetooth Capabilities

Smart scales, when combined with a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth link, automatically monitor a user’s data over time and sync the details with the user’s activity tracker or mobile for a more comprehensive health profile.

How accurately do Weight scales measure body fat?

Bioelectrical impedance is used for most Weight scales to calculate body fat percentage. Sensors measure the amount of resistance generated by body fat by sending a tiny electrical current through one leg to another leg. These calculations may provide useful figures but are not very precise.

The accuracy of a scale’s body fat percentage measurements can be determined by a multitude of conditions, varying from your gender to body fat percentage

Do Weight scales lose accuracy over time?

Weight scales lose consistency over time due to everyday wear and tear from repeated usage and age. If putting your scale in a consistent position and allowing it enough time to calculate isn’t yielding the exact measurements you want, it might be time to move to a new model.

Does humidity affect Weight scales?

Humidity can increase the efficiency of your bathroom scale readings to varying degrees depending on the model. It’s safer to keep your scale in a safe, room-temperature spot rather than in the sink or bathroom.

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Black coffee is considered one of the most popular beverages in the world. With the help of some easy points given below on how to make black coffee, you can learn to make black coffee in 5 minutes

– This method is to make 1 cup of black coffee, To Make Black Coffee you will need some things like:

1. Coffee (of any brand).
2. Sugar.
3. Hot water.

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Now see how to Make Black Coffee:

1. To make 1 cup of black coffee, take a cup of normal size.

2. Add 2 teaspoons of coffee powder (of any brand) to that cup.

3. After adding the coffee powder add half or 1 teaspoon of sugar to it as per your taste.

4. And then put 1 teaspoon of hot water in the same cup.

5. After adding 1 teaspoon of hot water, start kneading all three things (coffee powder, sugar, and hot water) and whisk until it becomes thick and white.

6. And when the last step is to whisk the coffee well with hot water and sugar, then pour the hot lentils according to the amount of the cup and start whipping again and whisk until it is well mixed. Now your coffee is ready and you can enjoy it.

Good Effects of Black Coffee:-

1. Black coffee is always considered good for health because it has low-calorie content.

2. And black coffee also contains nutrients like calcium and potassium.

3. Black coffee with anti-oxidants is very beneficial for cancer patients.

4. Black coffee is also very beneficial for the heart.

5. Black coffee works on fat in the body, Black coffee also increases stamina.

6. Black coffee contains 60% Percent nutrients and 20% Percent vitamins, 10% Percent calories, and 10% Percent minerals which provide strength to the body.

7. The caffeine present in black coffee is a detriment to the body, but if you use it too much, it also damages.

8. Consuming black coffee without adding sugar has a good effect on the brain.

9. Black coffee activates the nerves of your brain, giving you a fresh and cool feel.

10. Doctors recommend that you can drink black coffee 2 times a day and that too without sugar.

11. Drinking black coffee without sugar decreases your body fat and also reduces your weight.

Note:- Excessive consumption of anything can cause side effects on our body, even if it is dry fruits. Do not consume too much of any food item or else you may face many problems.

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Black Coffee Side Effects:-

1. If you consume too much black coffee, it can also have side effects on your body.

2. Excessive consumption of black coffee may cause you to fall asleep.

3. Excessive consumption of black coffee also results in nervousness and heart rate.

4. According to the warning from the World Health Organization, excessive consumption of black coffee can lead to fatal diseases like cancer.

5. And you should never drink empty stomach coffee, it can be very harmful.

Make Black Coffee in Spanish

El café negro es considerado una de las bebidas más populares del mundo. Con la ayuda de algunos puntos sencillos que se detallan a continuación, cómo hacer café negro, puede aprender a hacer café negro en 5 minutos.

Este método consiste en preparar 1 taza de café negro.Para hacer café negro necesitarás algunas cosas como:

1. Café (de cualquier marca).
2. Azúcar.
3. Agua caliente.

Ahora vea cómo hacer café negro:

1. Para preparar 1 taza de café negro, tome una taza de tamaño normal.

2. Agregue 2 cucharaditas de café en polvo (de cualquier marca) a esa taza.

3. Después de agregar el café en polvo, agregue media o 1 cucharadita de azúcar según su gusto.

4. Y luego ponga 1 cucharadita de agua caliente en la misma taza.

5. Después de agregar 1 cucharadita de agua caliente, comience a amasar las tres cosas (café en polvo, azúcar y agua caliente) y bata hasta que se vuelva espeso y blanco.

6. Y cuando el último paso sea batir bien el café con agua caliente y azúcar, luego verter las lentejas calientes según la cantidad de la taza y empezar a batir de nuevo y batir hasta que esté bien mezclado. Ahora tu café está listo y puedes disfrutarlo.

Buenos efectos del café negro: –

1. El café negro siempre se considera bueno para la salud porque tiene un contenido bajo en calorías.

2. Y el café negro también contiene nutrientes como calcio y potasio.

3. El café negro con antioxidantes es muy beneficioso para los pacientes con cáncer.

4. El café negro también es muy beneficioso para el corazón.

5. El café negro actúa sobre la grasa del cuerpo, el café negro también aumenta la resistencia.

6. El café negro contiene un 60% de nutrientes y un 20% de vitaminas, un 10% de calorías y un 10% de minerales que proporcionan fuerza al cuerpo.

7. La cafeína presente en el café negro es perjudicial para el cuerpo, pero si la usa demasiado, también daña.

8. El consumo de café negro sin agregar azúcar tiene un buen efecto en el cerebro.

9. El café negro activa los nervios de tu cerebro, dándote una sensación fresca y fresca.

10. Los médicos recomiendan que se pueda beber café negro 2 veces al día y también sin azúcar.

11. Beber café negro sin azúcar disminuye la grasa corporal y también reduce su peso.

Nota: – El consumo excesivo de cualquier cosa puede provocar efectos secundarios en nuestro organismo, incluso si se trata de frutos secos. No consuma demasiado de ningún alimento o de lo contrario puede enfrentar muchos problemas.

Efectos secundarios del café negro: –

1. Si consume demasiado café negro, también puede tener efectos secundarios en su cuerpo.

2. El consumo excesivo de café negro puede provocar que se quede dormido.

3. El consumo excesivo de café negro también produce nerviosismo y frecuencia cardíaca.

4. Según la advertencia de la Organización Mundial de la Salud, el consumo excesivo de café negro puede provocar enfermedades fatales como el cáncer.

5. Y nunca debes beber café con el estómago vacío, puede ser muy dañino.

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Nexus Aquafresh RO System Top Water Purifier Brand In India

As today’s world is developing towards advancement, diseases are multiplying in numbers because of the methods used in various development processes. Growing population, extensive misuse of natural resources, industrial development, etc are becoming the main cause of contamination of air, water, and food. Scientists are continuously trying to search for new techniques and modes so that they can effectively stop the elements of contamination. Water purifiers are one of them.

Aquafresh RO Systems are the master of water purifiers. It is the client’s benefit-oriented company as it always trying to manufacture products are according to the need, satisfaction, and capacity of the clients. Its water purifiers’ technology is very advanced and perfect for water purification. UV (ultraviolet), UF (ultra-filtration), RO (Reverse osmosis), and TDS (total dissolved solids) controllers are the primary features of Aquafresh water purifier units.

Nexus Aquafresh RO System is very economical and suitable for domestic as well as for commercial use. If you are planning to buy a water purifier unit for your home, office, resort, bank, school, or for any other place, just go with Nexus Aquafresh RO System as it technically expertise in giving you the suitable pure, clean, and hygienic water for drinking. There is an enormous range of variety in Aquafresh Nexus RO water purifiers, you can select it according to your need, preference, and budget.

Why Choose Aquafresh Nexus Products?

Generally, when a customer is in search of a water purifier for use, he/she wants to know the benefits and drawbacks points of the products. So, here is the list of features that why you should opt for Aquafresh Nexus Units named Nexus Carmy and Nexus Leva:

  • Highly advanced technologies used for water purification like UV, UF, RO, and TDS controller.
  • You can buy the unit according to the available space as these units are of wall-mounted and table holding designs.
  • There are varied and enormous units of Aquafresh Nexus RO systems, you can choose the unit which is suitable for your daily consumption capacity.
  • Auto-start and the auto-off option are highly beneficial as they reduced the wastage of water and electricity.
  • The purification stages of the Nexus Aquafresh RO System start from 5 to 20 accordingly.
  • Taste conditioner technology is very effective in Nexus units as it improves the taste of the water.
  • These units are with SPMS, anti-bacteria 3 in 1 silver dose, and mineral cartridge-based technologies which are very beneficial for the good health of the customers.
  • Used activated carbon which is best-suited post-treatment for us.

So, if you want to grab all such benefits then, visit us at Aquafresh RO Official Website.

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The summer season has knocked on our door with an alert to have an increased need for drinking water. To fulfill this need; we all have RO machines at our home and office. But as the demand for drinking water increases, the machine’s mechanism becomes high.  If RO water purifying machines work around ‘o’clock then, it can show disturbed functionality of water purifier!

At such times, one needs to contact RO Service in Delhi. The instant reach of such beneficial services will not let you face any unwanted condition where you don’t have enough drinking water. In summer, the chances of RO machines disturbance rise, and to resolve such concerns, it is suggested to take help from a dedicated service provider.

Why Instant RO Service in Delhi Needed?

Drinking water should have the required minerals and it will be only done when your RO machines work properly. To keep an eye on your RO machine and its maintenance, we are here at RO Service Center. Our services are available at every corner of Delhi and NCR. Your RO machine should always keep working so that there will not be any disturbance to get filtered water which has various benefits:

  • Filter tap water offers mineral-rich water and removes unwanted containments from drinking water. There will not be any kind of mineral filtration.
  • Filter RO systems are very convenient for installation. There are many RO repair and installation service providers who will be in your reach instantly. It takes few minutes only so, why not get the installation done of the RO system at your home and office.
  • Transparency of water purity can be maintained when you have your own RO installed at home or office. Filtered and sealed water in bottles that you purchase does not offer any guaranty regarding the water quality.
  • Adding up style into the kitchen along with getting an RO purifier is nowadays not a big concern. It shows two advantages to filter the water and adding up a new look to your kitchen.

So start using RO purifier from this summer without any hassle to think how to get RO Service in Delhi as we at RO Service Center are all time available for you. Apart from the installation of the new RO machine, we provide regular maintenance services too. We are also having annual maintenance plans for RO machines. Clients can pick the AMC according to their needs. You just need to call us +91 9990888375/+91 9990888379 to avail of our instant RO Service in Delhi. Our experts will reach you soon to resolve the concern. However, our services are very affordable so residential and commercial RO machines will be repaired without investing too much amount.

Contact Us at…

Address: Delhi: Office No. 3, Plot – D 122, Sec. 3 Dwarka, New Delhi – 110075
Phone: +91 9990888375, +91 9990888379
Email[email protected]

24 Amazing Facts about Birds in English

1. Birds do not feel the taste of any kind of food because they do not have taste buds.

2. Some ducks can fly more than 500 kilometers in a day.

3. Duck birds do not feel cold in the feet because there is no blood in their feet, so she swims in cold water even in winter.

4. Friends, the world’s smallest bird is named Humming Bird which is only 2.24 inches, which is also recorded in Guinea’s World of Records.

5. The largest bird in the world is called an ostrich, but the friend is the fact that even after being an ostrich bird, it cannot lift up to 150 kg.

6. Hummingbird is the first bird in the world that can fly backward.

7. Friends, it is very sad that every year 1000 birds die by colliding with transparent glasses.

8. Pink pigeons are also found in this world but it happens very rarely.

9. Friends, there is one egg in the world that takes four hours to boil and that egg is of ostrich.

10. Ostrich’s cross has so much power that he can even injure a lion with his leg.

12. At present 10,000 species of birds are found on the earth and there are about 1 trillion birds in the whole world.

13. The eagle is the fastest flying bird in the world, which can fly at a speed of about 180 km.

14. And the hawk can be 360 kilometers per hour while driving, it is really amazing.

15. A vulture bird has the ability to fly to the highest altitude which can fly 11274 meters high.

16. Ostrich is the fastest flying bird in the world which can run at a speed of about 42 kilometers per hour.

17. Garuda bird can fly with a weight of 5-6 kg.

18. Of all birds, the pigeon is considered the most intelligent bird.

19. Hummingbird, the world’s smallest bird, beats the heart about 615 times in 1 minute.

20. A bird named Griffon Vulture of Rupple Eel can fly up to an altitude of 37000 feet, it is truly incredible.

21. Pitta bird has nine colors of the wing.

22. Kiwi bird is the bird of the world that does not have wings.

23. Birds own 4 coloring receptors in their eyes.

24. Now the birds in the world are gradually ending day by day due to increasing pollution.

24 Amazing Facts about Birds in Spanish

1. Las aves no sienten el sabor de ningún tipo de comida porque no tienen papilas gustativas.

2. Algunos patos pueden volar más de 500 kilómetros en un día.

3. Los patos no sienten frío en las patas porque no hay sangre en sus patas, por lo que nada en agua fría incluso en invierno.

4. Amigos, el pájaro más pequeño del mundo se llama Humming Bird, que mide solo 2,24 pulgadas, y también está registrado en los récords mundiales de Guinea.

5. El ave más grande del mundo se llama avestruz, pero el amigo es el hecho de que incluso después de ser un ave avestruz, no puede levantar hasta 150 kg.

6. El colibrí es el primer pájaro del mundo que puede volar hacia atrás.

7. Amigos, es muy triste que cada año mueran 1000 pájaros al chocar con cristales transparentes.

8. Las palomas rosadas también se encuentran en este mundo pero sucede muy raramente.

9. Amigos, hay un huevo en el mundo que tarda cuatro horas en hervir y ese huevo es de avestruz.

10. La cruz de avestruz tiene tanto poder que incluso puede herir a un león con su pierna.

12. En la actualidad, hay 10.000 especies de aves en la tierra y hay alrededor de 1 billón de aves en todo el mundo.

13. El águila es el ave que vuela más rápido del mundo, que puede volar a una velocidad de unos 180 km.

14. Y el halcón puede estar a 360 kilómetros por hora mientras bucea, es realmente asombroso.

15. Un pájaro buitre tiene la capacidad de volar a la mayor altitud que puede volar 11274 metros de altura.

16. El avestruz es el ave que vuela más rápido del mundo y puede correr a una velocidad de unos 42 kilómetros por hora.

17. El pájaro Garuda puede volar con un peso de 5-6 kg.

18. De todas las aves, la paloma se considera el ave más inteligente.

19. El colibrí, el ave más pequeña del mundo, late el corazón unas 615 veces en 1 minuto.

20. Un pájaro llamado Buitre leonado de Rupple Eel puede volar hasta una altitud de 37000 pies, es realmente increíble.

21. El pájaro pitta tiene nueve colores de alas.

22. El pájaro kiwi es el pájaro del mundo que no tiene alas.

23. Las aves poseen 4 receptores de coloración en sus ojos.

24. Ahora las aves en el mundo están acabando gradualmente día a día debido al aumento de la contaminación.

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